Do Motorcycles Have Storage? Exploring Options for Every Rider

Do Motorcycles Have Storage? Exploring Options for Every Rider

When most people think of motorcycles, they picture sleek, fast machines zipping through traffic, not necessarily vehicles designed for storage. However, modern motorcycles have come a long way in terms of functionality and convenience. If you’re wondering whether motorcycles offer storage solutions, you’re not alone.

I’ve spent years riding and exploring different motorcycle models, and I can confidently say that storage options do exist for bikers. From built-in compartments to aftermarket accessories, there are several ways to carry your essentials on two wheels. Let’s dive into the various storage solutions available and how they can make your rides more convenient.

Key Takeaways

  • Modern Motorcycles Offer Storage Solutions: Despite their sleek designs, modern motorcycles provide built-in storage options such as underseat compartments, saddlebags, fairing storage, and tank bags to enhance practicality.
  • Aftermarket Storage Enhancements: Riders can customize their motorcycles with aftermarket solutions like top boxes, panniers, tail bags, and handlebar bags to increase storage capacity and convenience.
  • Storage Varies by Motorcycle Type: Different types of motorcycles, including sport bikes, cruisers, and touring bikes, offer varying degrees of built-in and aftermarket storage options tailored to their designs and intended uses.
  • Custom Modifications for More Space: Riders can significantly increase their motorcycle’s storage capacity through custom modifications such as installing luggage racks, custom-built saddlebags, and larger storage trunks.
  • Safety and Security of Stored Items: Properly securing items in lockable compartments, using durable locks and waterproof bags, and implementing reflective materials can protect belongings and enhance overall safety while on the road.

The Concept of Motorcycle Storage

Despite their sleek design, modern motorcycles offer several storage solutions that make riding more convenient. Whether it’s built-in options or aftermarket innovations, motorcycles today can carry more than just the rider.

Types of Built-In Storage Options

Several motorcycles come with built-in storage features to enhance practicality.

  • Underseat Compartments: Many motorcycles, especially scooters and touring bikes, include storage space beneath the seat. This compartment can hold smaller items like gloves, documents, or even a helmet, depending on the model.
  • Saddlebags: Some bikes have hard or soft saddlebags installed. These are usually found on touring and cruiser motorcycles, providing sufficient space for riding gear and personal belongings.
  • Fairing Storage: Fairing compartments, often seen on touring bikes, are small pockets integrated into the bike’s bodywork. They can store essential items such as cell phones, wallets, and maps.
  • Tank Bags: Certain motorcycles feature tanks specifically designed to accommodate magnetic or strap-on tank bags. These bags sit on the fuel tank and offer easy access to frequently used items.

Aftermarket Solutions for Motorcycle Storage

Aftermarket products provide versatile storage enhancements, allowing customization based on a rider’s needs.

  • Top Boxes: Adding a top box to the rear of a motorcycle is a popular solution. These lockable, weatherproof cases are available in various sizes, accommodating items from small electronics to full-face helmets.
  • Panniers: Hard-sided panniers, typically aluminum or plastic, offer robust, secure storage. Riders can install them on either side of the motorcycle, increasing carrying capacity and balance.
  • Tail Bags: Tail bags attach to the pillion seat or the rear fender, providing additional storage without compromising aerodynamics. They’re often expandable and can be easily removed.
  • Handlebar Bags: Smaller handlebar bags are perfect for storing keys, snacks, or small tools. They attach to the handlebars and ensure quick access while on the go.

Each storage solution enhances the practicality of motorcycles, making them suitable for long trips and daily commutes alike.

Assessing the Storage Capacity of Different Motorcycle Models

Assessing the Storage Capacity of Different Motorcycle Models

Sport Bikes and Storage Features

Sport bikes prioritize performance and agility. Built-in storage is often minimal, typically limited to small underseat compartments. These compartments can store essentials like a wallet or gloves but not much more. Examples include the Yamaha R6 and the Honda CBR600RR, both known for their slim profiles and limited storage.

Sport bike riders often turn to aftermarket solutions. Top boxes and tail bags are popular choices, adding storage without affecting the bike’s balance. Handlebar bags can also provide additional space for small items like keys or a mobile phone. However, the sleek design of sport bikes limits the size and placement of such storage solutions.

Cruiser Motorcycles: Balancing Comfort and Storage

Cruiser motorcycles focus on comfort and style. These bikes often come equipped with built-in storage options like saddlebags. Examples include the Harley-Davidson Softail and the Indian Scout, both featuring ample saddlebags for everyday use. Cruisers balance aesthetics and functionality, offering more storage than sport bikes.

Riders looking for more storage can add aftermarket accessories. Panniers, handlebar bags, and tail bags enhance storage capacity without compromising the bike’s classic look. Cruiser motorcycles’ design allows for larger, more versatile storage options, making them ideal for both short trips and longer journeys.

Touring Motorcycles: Designed for Long Hauls

Touring motorcycles excel in providing extensive storage solutions, designed for long-distance travel. Built-in storage options include large saddlebags and top boxes. Examples like the BMW R1250RT and the Honda Gold Wing offer several cubic feet of storage space, accommodating gear for extended trips.

Touring bikes often feature additional storage innovations. Fairing storage and tank bags provide extra room for easy access items. The design of touring motorcycles facilitates the integration of these storage solutions, ensuring riders have everything they need for the road ahead.

Innovative Solutions to Enhance Motorcycle Storage

Custom Modifications for Increased Space

Riders can modify their motorcycles to increase storage space using various custom solutions. One effective modification is installing a rear luggage rack. This accessory creates a sturdy platform to secure additional storage units like top boxes or tail bags. Some riders opt for custom-built saddlebags that match their motorcycle’s design while providing extra space. Others replace the passenger seat with a larger storage trunk, enhancing space without compromising the bike’s aesthetics. Installing fairing pockets and specialized handlebar bags offer quick-access storage for smaller items. While these modifications require investments, they significantly increase storage capacity and convenience.

Top Motorcycle Storage Accessories

Several accessories enhance motorcycle storage effectively. Saddlebags are popular, providing balanced storage options on either side of the rear wheel. Top boxes offer a spacious and secure storage unit for helmets, jackets, and travel essentials. Tank bags, attached via magnets or straps, provide convenient access to items like maps, wallets, and snacks. Tail bags, fitting securely on the seat or luggage rack, offer additional storage without altering the bike’s balance. For quick-access storage, handlebar bags and fairing pockets are excellent choices. These storage solutions can transform any motorcycle into a more practical and functional vehicle for various needs.

Motorcycle Storage Safety and Security

Motorcycle Storage Safety and Security

Tips for Securing Your Belongings on the Road

Using diverse storage solutions, I ensure my belongings’ safety while riding. To avoid theft and damage, I secure items in lockable compartments like saddlebags or top boxes. I also use durable locks and cables to protect non-lockable storage options. Before a trip, I check the integrity of my storage accessories to avoid unexpected failures.

I often use waterproof bags to shield my items from weather damage. Compression straps inside storage compartments keep items stable and reduce movement. Reflective materials or stickers enhance visibility, ensuring other drivers can spot me easily, especially at night. These practices not only secure my belongings but also enhance my overall safety on the road.


Motorcycles offer a range of storage solutions to fit various needs and riding styles. From built-in compartments to aftermarket accessories like saddlebags and tank bags, there’s something for everyone. Touring bikes stand out for their extensive storage options, making them ideal for long trips. Custom modifications further enhance storage capacity, ensuring you can carry everything you need. Safety and security are paramount, so investing in lockable compartments and waterproof bags is essential. Reflective materials can also improve visibility and safety on the road. With the right accessories, you can maximize convenience and keep your belongings secure while enjoying your ride.

Motorcycles can be equipped with various storage solutions, ranging from saddlebags and tank bags to top cases and luggage racks. These options provide practical ways to carry essentials and enhance the convenience of riding, as detailed in this comprehensive guide by Motorcycle Cruiser. Choosing the right type of storage depends on your specific needs and the type of motorcycle you own, according to RevZilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of storage solutions are available for motorcycles?

Motorcycle storage solutions range from built-in compartments to aftermarket options like saddlebags, tank bags, and top boxes. Custom modifications such as rear luggage racks and custom-built saddlebags can also provide additional storage.

Which motorcycle type offers the best storage capacity?

Touring motorcycles typically offer the best storage capacity with extensive solutions suitable for long-distance travel. Cruisers also provide ample storage, whereas sport bikes usually have minimal built-in storage options.

How can I enhance the storage on my motorcycle?

You can enhance storage by adding aftermarket accessories such as saddlebags, top boxes, and tank bags. Custom modifications like rear luggage racks can also increase storage capacity.

What are some tips for securing belongings on the road?

To secure your belongings, use lockable compartments and durable locks. Waterproof bags help protect against weather elements. Utilizing bags with reflective materials can enhance visibility, ensuring safe travel.

Are there specific accessories recommended for motorcycle storage?

Popular and recommended accessories for motorcycle storage include saddlebags, top boxes, and tank bags. These accessories provide convenience, security, and additional storage space.