Who Makes Big Dog Motorcycles? Meet the Makers Behind the Custom Choppers

Who Makes Big Dog Motorcycles? Meet the Makers Behind the Custom Choppers

When it comes to custom-built motorcycles, Big Dog Motorcycles stands out as a name synonymous with power and craftsmanship. Founded in 1994, this company quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the most iconic choppers and cruisers on the market. But who’s behind these legendary machines?

Big Dog Motorcycles was the brainchild of Sheldon Coleman Jr., who envisioned creating high-performance bikes that didn’t compromise on style. Based in Wichita, Kansas, the company has weathered the ups and downs of the motorcycle industry, continually innovating and evolving. If you’ve ever wondered who crafts these beasts, you’re in for a fascinating ride.

Key Takeaways

  • Big Dog Motorcycles’ Foundation and Evolution: Founded in 1994 by Sheldon Coleman Jr., Big Dog Motorcycles established itself in Wichita, Kansas, becoming a recognized name for custom choppers and cruisers.
  • Market Position and Customer Base: The brand holds a strong market position, attracting enthusiasts seeking high-performance, custom-built motorcycles, with models like the K9 and Mastiff exemplifying their commitment to power and design.
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Big Mammoth motorcycles are meticulously crafted in Wichita, using advanced machining and rigorous quality checks to ensure top-tier performance and quality.
  • Notable Models and Features: Popular models include the K9, Mastiff, Pitbull, Ridgeback, and Bulldog, each offering distinctive designs and high-performance engines, coupled with unique features like custom paint jobs and advanced electronics.
  • Industry Impact and Rider Satisfaction: Big Dog Motorcycles has significantly influenced the custom bike market, with riders consistently praising their powerful performance, aesthetic appeal, and ergonomic design for comfort on long rides.

Overview of Big Dog Motorcycles

The Start and Evolution of Big Dog

Big Dog Motorcycles started in 1994, founded by Sheldon Coleman Jr. The company began in a small facility in Wichita, Kansas, producing custom choppers and cruisers. Coleman’s focus on quality craftsmanship and unique design set Big Dog apart from other manufacturers. Initially, Big Dog targeted enthusiasts seeking bespoke motorcycles with powerful engines and distinct aesthetics.

Over the years, the company expanded its operations, moving to larger facilities to meet growing demand. Despite facing challenges, Big Dog adapted by refining its production processes and incorporating modern technologies. As of today, Big Dog remains a significant name in the custom motorcycle market, continuously evolving to align with industry trends.

Market Position and Demand

Big Dog Motorcycles holds a strong position in the custom bike market. The brand attracts a loyal customer base that values exclusivity, performance, and style. Demand for Big Dog motorcycles comes primarily from bike enthusiasts looking for high-performance, custom-built machines. Models like the Big Dog K9 and Mastiff exemplify the brand’s commitment to powerful engines and distinctive designs.

The company markets its products through a network of dealers, both in the US and internationally. Big Dog’s consistent presence at motorcycle shows and events further cements its status. Customer feedback and a keen understanding of market trends enable Big Dog to stay competitive. The brand’s focus on innovation and quality makes it a preferred choice for those seeking unique, high-performance motorcycles.

Who Makes Big Mammoth motorcycles?

Who Makes Big Mammoth motorcycles?

Overview of the Manufacturing Process

Big Mammoth motorcycles, created by Big Dog Motorcycles, are known for their pristine quality and craftsmanship. Each model undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process in Wichita, Kansas. The process starts with design innovations that promise performance and aesthetic appeal. Engineers craft a detailed blueprint, ensuring all components align with the company’s standards.

In the production phase, advanced machining techniques shape each bike’s frame and core parts. Assemblers then integrate high-performance parts, including engines, suspension systems, and transmissions. Post-assembly, each motorcycle undergoes rigorous quality checks and testing. This ensures every Big Mammoth motorcycle meets stringent safety and quality benchmarks before reaching customers.

Key Figures Behind the Brand

Key individuals drive the success and innovation at Big Dog Motorcycles. Sheldon Coleman Jr., the founder, established the company in 1994. His vision of producing custom choppers fueled the brand’s initial growth. Under his leadership, the company embraced both traditional craftsmanship and modern advancements.

Additional pivotal figures include skilled engineers, designers, and craftsmen who continuously innovate and refine each model. These experts work collaboratively to ensure each Big Mammoth motorcycle offers top-tier performance and distinct style. Through their dedicated efforts, Big Dog Motorcycles maintains its reputation for creating high-quality, custom motorcycles that appeal to enthusiasts across the globe.

Notable Models and Features

Breakdown of Popular Models

Big Dog Motorcycles has produced several models that stand out for their design and performance. Each model often attracted attention from custom bike enthusiasts.

  1. Big Dog K9: This model, with a 300mm rear tire and a low, stretched frame, stands out for its distinctive look. The K9’s aggressive stance and powerful engine make it a favorite among fans.
  2. Big Dog Mastiff: Featuring a sleek, elongated design, the Mastiff integrates performance and style. Equipped with a 250mm rear tire, it offers a balanced ride with considerable power.
  3. Big Dog Pitbull: Known for its rigid frame, the Pitbull provides a classic chopper experience. The model emphasizes simplicity combined with a robust engine, catering to traditionalists.
  4. Big Dog Ridgeback: This chopper, known for its extended forks and stretched aesthetics, delivers high performance. The Ridgeback’s design offers a distinctive, aggressive profile on the road.
  5. Big Dog Bulldog: With a more cruiser-oriented design, the Bulldog provides comfort without sacrificing power. Its balanced ergonomics make it suitable for long rides, appealing to different riders.

Unique Features in Big Dog Motorcycles

Big Dog Motorcycles incorporates several unique features across models, enhancing their appeal and functionality.

  • Custom Paint Jobs: Each motorcycle offers custom paint options, allowing owners to personalize their bikes. These designs range from classic flames to intricate graphics, enhancing aesthetic value.
  • High-Performance Engines: Equipped with proprietary V-twin engines, Big Dog motorcycles deliver significant power and torque. These engines ensure reliable, top-tier performance across all models.
  • Advanced Electronics: Modern Big Dog motorcycles integrate advanced electronic systems. Keyless ignition, digital displays, and electronic fuel injection (EFI) are standard across newer models, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Attention to detail in construction ensures durability and performance. Components like custom frames, billet wheels, and high-quality brakes underscore the brand’s commitment to quality.
  • Ergonomic Design: Each model features ergonomics designed for comfort and control. Adjustable handlebars and seats allow riders to personalize their riding positions, improving comfort on long journeys.

These features and models reflect Big Dog Motorcycles’ dedication to blending style, performance, and innovation, making them a standout in the custom bike market.

Industry Impact and Customer Perception

Industry Impact and Customer Perception

Contributing to the Motorcycle Industry

Big Dog Motorcycles has significantly impacted the motorcycle industry through its distinctive custom bikes. Founded in 1994, the company became known for introducing innovative design elements in choppers and cruisers, influencing both competitors and new brands. Models like the Big Dog K9 and Mastiff set benchmarks for style and performance, pushing other manufacturers to elevate their standards. Big Dog’s use of high-performance engines from leading suppliers, including S&S Cycle, demonstrates their commitment to top-tier quality and performance, offering riders reliability and thrill in each ride.

Testimonials and Reviews from Riders

Riders consistently praise Big Dog motorcycles for their impressive design and powerful performance. Many reviews highlight the unique aesthetic appeal of models like the K9, lauding the attention to detail and custom paint jobs. Feedback from various forums often mentions the smooth ride quality and the robust performance of the high-performance engines. One testimonial from a long-time rider emphasized the ergonomic design, stating it provides unparalleled comfort, even on long journeys. Collectively, these reviews and testimonials build Big Dog’s reputation as a premier manufacturer of custom motorcycles, revered for both innovation and rider satisfaction.


Big Dog Motorcycles continues to stand out in the custom bike market thanks to their commitment to quality innovation and rider satisfaction. Their dedication to meticulous design and advanced production techniques ensures each motorcycle is a masterpiece. With a strong legacy of iconic models like the K9 and Mastiff Big Dog Motorcycles remains a symbol of excellence in the industry. The brand’s influence on the motorcycle world is undeniable and their future looks just as promising. For anyone seeking a blend of style performance and craftsmanship Big Dog Motorcycles is a name you can trust.

Big Dog Motorcycles, known for their high-end custom choppers, are crafted by a dedicated team that emphasizes quality and unique design. Founded by Sheldon Coleman, the company has made a significant impact in the motorcycle industry with its bespoke creations, as highlighted in this brand history by Cycle World. These motorcycles are popular among enthusiasts who appreciate the combination of craftsmanship and performance, according to Motorcycle Cruiser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Dog Motorcycles known for?

Big Dog Motorcycles is renowned for crafting high-quality custom choppers and cruisers. Founded in 1994 by Sheldon Coleman Jr., the company is known for its dedication to quality, innovative design, and performance.

Where is Big Dog Motorcycles located?

Big Dog Motorcycles is based in Wichita, Kansas.

What are some popular models of Big Dog Motorcycles?

Notable models include the Big Dog K9, Mastiff, Pitbull, Ridgeback, and Bulldog, each offering unique design elements and performance features.

What sets Big Dog Motorcycles apart in the custom bike market?

Big Dog Motorcycles is distinguished by its meticulous design, advanced production techniques, rigorous quality checks, and incorporation of custom paint jobs and high-performance engines.

How do Big Dog Motorcycles ensure quality and performance?

The company uses advanced production techniques, and rigorous quality checks, and sources high-performance engines from leading suppliers like S&S Cycle to ensure top-notch quality and performance.

How has Big Dog Motorcycles influenced the motorcycle industry?

Big Dog Motorcycles has significantly impacted the motorcycle industry by introducing innovative design elements in choppers and cruisers, influencing competitors and inspiring new brands.

Why do riders praise Big Dog Motorcycles?

Riders consistently praise Big Dog Motorcycles for their impressive design, powerful performance, attention to detail, custom paint jobs, smooth ride quality, and ergonomic design.

What is the significance of custom paint jobs in Big Dog Motorcycles?

Custom paint jobs are a highlight of Big Dog Motorcycles, showcasing the brand’s dedication to individuality and style in their custom bike designs.

How has Big Dog Motorcycles evolved since its founding?

Since its founding in 1994, Big Dog Motorcycles has expanded its product line, focused on quality and innovation, and established a strong presence in the custom bike market.

What role do high-performance engines play in Big Dog Motorcycles?

High-performance engines from leading suppliers like S&S Cycle play a crucial role in ensuring the powerful performance and reliability of Big Dog Motorcycles.